Who We Are

Display Pack was founded back in 1967 with the radical idea of creating both a custom product and experience to best serve our customers. Our storied past includes vast experience in the packaging industry as it relates to printing, contract packaging, and thermoforming. Today, our hundreds of employees utilize their expertise to specialize in delivering superior thermoformed products to our worldwide customer base.

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Our Purpose

We provide superior products and services to our customers while promoting a work-life experience to our employees that is honoring to God.

Our Mission

We are a thermoformer of food, retail, industrial and specialty products. We have world-class facilities and equipment. We provide custom solutions through our designs, tooling and fulfillment. Our focus creates an excellent customer experience.

Our Vision

We are a continually growing and financially strong company that places great emphasis on its employees. Our entire organization is committed to our values. Our management practices servant leadership, which focuses on helping our employees grow in their Character as a person, Competency as an employee and relational Connection with each other. We hold each other accountable for our performance and behavior. We are experts in our field. We act responsibly towards the environment and our communities. Our facilities are safe, clean and well maintained. We believe this vision is consistent with the double-love command*, loving God and loving others.

*Double-Love Command—from the Gospel of Matthew: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

People Values

  • Treat others with uncompromising truth.
  • Lavish Trust on your associates.
  • Be willing to mentor, and be open to mentoring from everyone.
  • Be receptive to new ideas, regardless of their origin.
  • Take personal risks for the organization’s sake.
  • Give credit where it’s due.
  • Be honest and ethical in all matters.
  • Put the interests of others before your own.

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