Custom Packaging

We specialize in crafting solutions that fit your needs. From material selection to custom inserts, our team is here to support you. Our in-depth process results in an innovative packaging solution designed to fit your product perfectly. By choosing us to be your custom food packaging company, you can benefit from our rapid development capabilities. This ensures the shortest possible lead times for your custom projects.

Stock Packaging

Our stock product lines are designed with clean lines and minimal ribbing for exceptional product clarity. As a versatile plastic food container manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes for your needs. We also provide you with the opportunity to add logo inserts to our stock products that showcase your brand.

How We Help You


COOPERATION & PARTNERSHIP: From design to logistics processes, we work together with you to create an entire packaging solution.

GROWTH: We have the processes in place to support your company as it grows.

VALUE: We deliver affordable, reliable solutions that balance longevity and value against pricing.

QUALITY CONTROL: You’ll have packaging that fits tight tolerances hundreds of thousands of times.


JUST-IN-TIME INVENTORY: We hold inventory, produce, and ship within lean manufacturing environments and internal production schedules.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: Take advantage of our in-house technical expertise.

LIVE PRODUCTION SAMPLES: We deliver sample packaging that is from a proper production line, indicative of production quality.

FOOD SAFETY: Rest assured your packaging will follow Safe Quality Food (SQF) and FDA food safety standards.