Round Deli HPP Sell Sheet

May 2019

round deli hpp packaging

High pressure processing preserves foods and significantly improves quality and taste when compared to thermal treatment or chemical additives. However, this demanding process also requires containers that are flexible enough to resist cracking during processing but resilient enough to prevent crushing.

That’s where Display Pack’s engineering expertise comes in. Our round deli containers are specifically designed to withstand 87,000 pounds per square inch of pressure during rigorous high pressure food processing (HPP). Our compression tested & proven containers also feature a wide, consistent flange to facilitate lidding film application and prevent recontamination of food after processing. The corresponding over-snap deli lids keep contents secure through the product journey from manufacturing facility to stacking on store shelves all the way to consumer’s carts.

Learn more about Display Pack’s round deli HPP packaging solutions by downloading the round deli HPP sell sheet below.

For more information about our round deli packaging options, please click here.

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