Product Packaging Design for Pearson Foods

May 2019

Pearson Foods, a fresh-cut food processing company & long-time Display Pack customer, approached the team with an innovative new ramen bowl offering lacking one important element… the packaging. No problem is too difficult for our product packaging design team and this project is no exception. Read on below.

product packaging design ramen bowl

Pearson’s ramen bowls contain fresh-cut veggies, pre-cooked ramen noodles, and a variety of sauces that simply require filling with water and microwaving for 1 minute. Pearson’s goal? Capitalize on the $12 billion and growing ready-to-eat market by providing an easy meal solution for today’s time-strapped consumer with a sophisticated ready-to-eat ramen bowl experience.

That’s where Display Pack’s Product Packaging Design team comes in.

Display Pack conducted market research to identify existing competitor offerings. Similarly priced products have paperboard cups, opaque polypropylene bowls, or expensive, over-engineered injection molded containers. What did these packages have in common? They are one-size-fits-all stock offerings that don’t allow the consumer to see the product inside.

product packaging design polypropylene

Material Selection

Freshness and transparency are crucial to the Pearson Foods’ value proposition. The product packaging design team determined they could support this concept by utilizing clarified polypropylene (PP) material. Through this innovative material choice, the consumer is able to ascertain the value of the offering prior to purchase. The increased product visibility denotes higher quality and purity of the ramen bowl product versus competitors. Then, the material becomes part of the ramen bowl competitive advantage.

Ramen Bowl product packaging


Next, the Display Pack product packaging design team launched into the iterative design process with the Pearson Foods marketing team. The CAD team incorporated the traditional ceramic ramen bowl aesthetic with distinct ramen noodle shapes formed into the packaging sidewalls.

Beyond the aesthetic features of the design, Display Pack’s packaging designers focused on crafting a superior nesting factor for time- & cost-efficiencies that allow for bowls to stack and pack for ease in shipping and processing.


Thanks to Display Pack’s integrated tool & die shop, tooling for this project could be completed five weeks after sign off on the REN prototype. This speed & agility allows the customer, Pearson Foods, to quickly move to market for their targeted summer 2019 product launch and get product on shelves… fast.

custom polypropylene packaging

Now this ramen bowl is the complete package with the combination of Display Pack’s proven custom packaging capabilities & Pearson Foods’ innovative fresh ramen bowl product offering.

These two companies are pleased to announce the ramen bowl debut at the 2019 International Deli, Dairy & Bakery show in Orlando, Florida from June 2-4, 2019. The completed product is in the “What’s in Store Live” product showcase and in Pearson’s booth, #6209. The packaging can be found in Display Pack’s booth, #1342.

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