Meat Tray Packaging Sell Sheet

May 2019

meat tray packaging

We’ve developed a recycled PET solution that features a #1 recycle code; indicating wide acceptance in traditional curbside recycling programs…unlike the EPS foam alternative. Our meat tray offerings have been rigorously tested with commercial meat wrapping equipment to ensure premium performance and headache free processing to facilitate a smooth transition from traditional meat trays. The trays include robust strength features to protect against cracking through processing and handling in-store – decreasing product shrink & increasing dollars in your pocket. Plus, our meat trays are crafted from post-industrial recycled content. Finally, a sustainable alternative to traditional EPS meat trays. Try that on for size.

Learn more about Display Pack’s meat tray packaging by downloading the sell sheet below.

For more information about our meat tray packaging options, please click here.

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