Legendary Baking Pie Trio – Case Study

December 2018

Legendary Baking Pie TrioRecently, we worked with Legendary Baking, a baked goods company distributing via club-style retail stores and supermarkets, to craft a container for their new product to hold three 6-inch pies.

Functionality, merchandising, and sales were the top priorities.

Through collaboration with our customers, we created the “Pie Trio”; a perfect balance of stylistic packaging showcasing Legendary Baking’s delicious pies.

pie center locking mechanismOur design efforts included developing a solution to keep pies in place, even if the package became inverted, to reduce product loss by offering protection. Our packaging engineering team accomplished this through development of the center and perimeter locking mechanisms to secure the delicious goods inside coupled with a material strong enough to withstand the weight of fruit packed pies – foamed PET.

Foamed PET has the durability of HIPS or polypropylene but the number 1 recycle code of traditional PET (the kind used in water bottles) for superior recyclability.

Our engineering efforts combined with innovative material = custom bakery packaging at its finest

legendary baking piesWe were prepared to create a product to meet any logistical needs to keep pies safe through travel. However, we identified in the initial discovery process that these pies would be packed on-site at club locations around the country – requiring packaging to be shipped straight to dozens of locations vs. one fulfillment hub. This is no problem for Display Pack.

As our customer, we formulate a packaging solution to fit within your needs by crafting a package and a process to best sell your product in-store, reduce operational headaches and solve logistics nightmares.

In Legendary Baking’s case, we crafted a product with two separate SKU’s to be maintained for the ordering process and stock both bases and lids and never run out of either.

pie packaging

The “Pie Trio” was expected to be seasonal offering to shoppers. But, due to the overwhelming demand, Legendary Baking is now able to offer this ingenious way to sell pies as an everyday mainstay – not limited to the holidays.

In short, we delivered… and continue to do so. We are proud to be part of one of the most unique in-store bakery offerings at Sam’s Club by going beyond the packaging to focus on meeting our customer’s every need.

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