The average store has an average of 40,000+ UPCs. We make sure your product stands out on the shelf by creating a positive consumer interaction with your product + its packaging as a reflection of your brand’s value.

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We provide packaging that protects your electronics product while incorporating aesthetically pleasing design that translates into more sales. Consider us your newest sales partner.

Health & Beauty

There are thousands of health and beauty products on the market and makes you stand out. We create eye catching packaging that elevates your brand; whether it be a blister for a toothbrush to trays for perfume and make-up kits, we provide our clients with packaging that helps differentiates their products from others in the marketplace.

Sporting Goods

We develop packaging for top sporting goods brands. We can fulfill your packaging needs for anything from a large clamshell for Ski-Doo’s replacement front skis or a trapped blister that showcases Horton Archery arrows. Our experience is your advantage — that’s a win.

Household & Hardware

From laundry detergent to light bulbs and everything in between, the packaging design needs for the household products category are endless—and so are our packaging solutions.

Case Study


High pressure processing is a method of food processing where, without the addition of heat, food is subjected to *elevated pressures to achieve microbial inactivation which in turn produces the same…

Case Study


When Horton Archery wanted to create visual packaging for their crossbows and accessories, they turned to Display Pack. …

Case Study

Training Mask

When Elevation Training Mask needed to design and manufacture a new and radically different packaging for the new …

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