Our industrial trays are the ultimate protection for your product and increase operational efficiency through every step of your process. Display Pack’s design team creates trays for a wide variety of applications; including dunnage or insert trays, work-in-progress (WIP) trays like robotic trays for picking parts or masking trays for precision painting, and more.

We maximize your available space for pack-out and can include stacking or de-nesting features for streamlined use with totes and the entire automation processes. This results in optimal efficiency and cost-savings for you — our customer.

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When Federal-Mogul Corporation needed a packaging solution for their NAPA line of wiper blades, they turned to Display Pack. …

The Shake N Share lid is one of the best products we have ever introduced into our theaters. Our guests love the lid for seasoning, shaking and sharing. Using the Shake N Share lid has resulted in less spilled popcorn, therefore reducing clean-up times and saving labor.

Kenyon ShaneLoeks Theatres, Inc. / Vice President/Food & Beverage

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