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Protect your valuable products through every step of the manufacturing process with Display Pack’s custom thermoformed industrial tray offerings.

Display Pack’s design team creates light gauge thermoforming trays for a wide range of applications; including dunnage, insert, and work-in-progress (or WIP trays). We serve multiple markets with our industrial tray offerings including Tier 1 & Tier 2 automotive suppliers and industrial manufacturing companies.

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First, we conduct a needs assessment to understand your automation process, products, shipping concerns, and more to provide you with the ultimate supply chain solution.

  • How many products need to fit to a tray? How many products need to fit in a tote or box?
  • Does the part placed in the tray have electronic components? Will it require thermoformed anti-static packaging?
  • What forces will the tray need to withstand in shipping?
  • If the tray is a WIP tray, how will it be utilized in the production line?
  • Will the tray be “picked” by a robotic arm? Will it require finger dips for easy maneuverability?

Then, our engineering & design teams consider these requirements and maximize tooling layouts to provide the optimal tray footprint for efficient protection of your product. Through our custom thermoforming tray designs, we reduce the overall amount of plastic used, without sacrificing packaging integrity, to both be green & save green.

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At the design stage, we can also incorporate these features that make your life easier, including:

  • 180󠅃° stacking and nesting capabilities
  • Part orientation to provide optimum ergonomics & maximum product density
  • Superior denesting features
  • Friction fits to secure parts on non-class A surfaces that protect class A surfaces
  • Common trays designed to hold multiple parts (i.e. LH, RH, front & rears)

Once we’ve developed the perfect packaging fit for your products, we move to thermoforming. Find out more about our thermoforming process here.

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Our custom light gauge thermoformed trays are available in HIPS, HMWPE, ABS, PET, rPET, & PVC.

Our thermoformed tray tooling is more affordable than traditional injection molded trays while still offering the protection your product deserves. Plus, by securing your product through every step of the manufacturing & shipping process, you can enjoy the cost-savings and peace of mind associated with minimizing product loss.

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Want to increase efficiency & decrease cost through the use of thermoformed industrial trays?