When AT&T needed a single, accessible and re-usable package to house dozens of different sized iPhone accessories-they turned to Display Pack.


AT&T®, the second largest wireless phone company in America, needed a new package for its iPhone® accessories line of products. The new package design had to use a smaller shelf-print, yet consistent sizing for hundreds of different sized accessories.

In addition it had to provide full access to contents, giving consumers at the retail store level the ability to sample the product and place it back without any damage to either product or package. It also needed to be considerably “greener” than the Company’s previous packaging, while providing ample advertising space and a clear display of the AT&T brand identity.


Our design team of packaging engineers, graphic designers, tooling engineers, and manufacturing experts met with the client to learn about the line of accessories and each specific need and objective the packaging needed to meet. Then, they went to work.

They presented AT&T with a never-before-available package design, The Accessible Pack.® It provides a unique hinge, allowing the fully trapped clam to be opened and closed without damage to the package. The re-designed package is greener because it uses significantly less raw materials and its design reduces the need for heated sealing equipment.