Design high pressure processing (HPP) round deli containers for ready-to-eat foods and other heat sensitive products in a variety of stock and custom sizes and materials.


Develop production of FDA approved stock and customized HPP containers to facilitate sealing, increase shelf-life and stacking strength, and reduce costs.


We developed consistent flange products for protective film seals; materials for higher product stacking, and increased shelf life products that eliminate heat needed for banding.

High pressure processing is a method of food processing where, without the addition of heat, food is subjected to *elevated pressures to achieve microbial inactivation which in turn produces the same results as heat pasteurization. Because it eliminates thermal food degradation, HPP causes minimal changes in the characteristics of foods-which look and taste better, have enhanced texture and higher nutrition. The technology is especially beneficial for heat-sensitive products. *Up to 87,000 pounds per square inch or approximately 6,000 atmospheres.


Designed for High Pressure food Processing (HPP), our Round Deli Containers are perfect for ready-to-eat foods such as humus, guacamole, salsa, and other deli spreads and heat sensitive products, in a variety of stock and custom-made sizes and materials. The HPP process of cold pasteurization, results in fresher taste, better appearance and texture and higher nutrition than traditionally thermally pasteurized foods.


Our objective was to develop a process to produce stock and customized HPP containers that would:
• Facilitate sealing
• Have higher stacking strength
• Reduce costs
• Increase shelf life
• Be FDA approved
• Be a greener package


We succeeded in developing a product with the following features and benefits:
• Wide, consistent flange facilitates protective film seals
• Lid design and material strength allows for higher
stacking of units, increasing cube utilization
• Pre-labeled containers eliminates shrink banding,
helping to reduce energy, equipment and labor costs
• Increases shelf life by eliminating the use heat
tunnels to apply shrink bands
• High grade FDA approved materials
• In-house tooling results in reduced tooling
costs for customized containers

The Shake N Share lid is one of the best products we have ever introduced into our theaters. Our guests love the lid for seasoning, shaking and sharing. Using the Shake N Share lid has resulted in less spilled popcorn, therefore reducing clean-up times and saving labor.

Kenyon ShaneLoeks Theatres, Inc. / Vice President/Food & Beverage





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