The package needed to be a seepage-proof container capable of holding OxiClean liquid detergent, while also having a large and dynamic, competitive shelf-presence.


A “fool-proof “plastic clamshell functioning as a spherical “ball” for the liquid detergent and a Toss-n-Go™ dispenser sturdy enough to withstand 25 wash cycles.


An award winning, all-in-one OxiClean package that combining product and applicator, promotes ease-of-use on store shelves with an attention grabbing billboard package.

When OxiClean® needed a package that would serve a dual function as the spherical “form” for their product, they turned to Display Pack.


OxiClean®, one of the top brands for multi-billion dollar, consumer products giant Church & Dwight, needed a package that would also function as the mold for one of their detergents. The package needed to meet two main objectives: First, part of the package needed to be a spheroid, seepage-proof container capable of holding the OxiClean detergent in liquid form, and function as the mold for the final product-a solid “ball” of detergent. The detergent “ball” also needed to be sturdy enough to withstand being tossed into a washing machine and lasting for 25 washing cycles.

In addition, the package was required to hold the outer OxiClean Toss-n-Go™ dispenser. Second, OxiClean also needed the package to have a larger (dynamic) shelf presence in order to stand out against competitor’s big laundry detergent bottles.


A team of Display Pack packaging engineers spent countless hours reviewing and discussing OxiClean’s very challenging request. After coming up with and discarding many ideas, designs and different types of plastic materials, they came up with a fool-proof plastic clamshell packaging design that would function as the spherical “”ball”” for the end product. In addition, the team developed a paperboard and clamshell combination design that preeminently featured the actual OxiClean Detergent Ball as the package’s.


Because of its design, which included a fill hole in the back half of the clam for easy automated filling, plus a friction seal that held the piped-in 120° slurry under expansion, the product formed a perfect spherical shape while cooling and setting. In addition, to provide the needed heightened shelf presence required by OxiClean, we printed the cylindrical paperboard trapezoid which formed the shape of the package, while holding the detergent clamshell “”ball”” in place. All of this resulted in an award winning, all-in-one package that allowed OxiClean Detergent to combine both product and package, while promoting the product’s physical attributes and ease-of-use with an attention grabbing product billboard on store shelves.

Display Pack is an amazing partner. We have been working with Display Pack for many years and their commitment to our success is unique in our aggressive industry. The company culture has created an environment that allows their teams to strive toward growth, development, empowerment and creativity. These core values shine through in our daily dealings with each department including account management, accounting, supply chain and engineering.


Carolyn LawFederal-Mogul Motorparts / Purchasing Manager





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