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The package design had to meet two objectives: very sensitive autopilot module protection and room for an easy installation a device of the module.


The package design is more than storage for the product. It actually serves triple-duty as: the part holder, part applicator and post-installation accessory protector.


Package protects module while also performing as the installation tool, holding module in position for accurate installation and saving client production costs of installation device.

When Johnson Outdoors needed a multi-functional package for their highly sensitive Minn Kota® AutoPilot™, they turned to Display Pack. Johnson Outdoors asked Display Pack to design a package for its Minn Kota® AutoPilot™.


The package design had to meet two objectives: protection and multi-functionality. The very sensitive autopilot module needed protection inside the carton, both during shipping, and from consumer handling while on retailing shelves. In addition, the packaging needed to include a device for easy installation of the module.


The package designed by our team is more than a design and storage element for the product. It actually serves triple-duty-as the part holder, part applicator and post-installation, as an accessory protector. To securely fit inside the outer carton we designed a thermoformed plastic tray that holds the AutoPilot device that snaps onto a trolling boat motor to assist with GPS navigation.The tray is designed in a way to also function as the applicator used when installing the AutoPilot device. After installation, the tray is secured into the boat motor to act as a protective barrier against the transfer of static charges to the accessory electrical components.


The outside auto bottom carton is a quite simple design. What sets this package apart is the uniquely designed inside blister. It holds the module in place protecting it during transportation and on store shelves. The blister also performs as the installation device holding the module in the exact position needed to accurately place the component in place while at the same time protecting the very sensitive module from outside contamination. Our design resulted in additional cost savings for the client by doing away with the need for the production of an additional installation device.

Display Pack is an amazing partner. We have been working with Display Pack for many years and their commitment to our success is unique in our aggressive industry. The company culture has created an environment that allows their teams to strive toward growth, development, empowerment and creativity. These core values shine through in our daily dealings with each department including account management, accounting, supply chain and engineering.


Carolyn LawFederal-Mogul Motorparts / Purchasing Manager


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