The new package had to be “resistant-to-tampering” package that minimizes raw material usage, provide structural integrity for stacking containers, and increase shelf life.


We designed a package with a resistant to tampering corner tear tab opening feature. When opening, a tearing sound indicates the package has not been opened before.


A greener and air-tight resistant-to- tampering opening tab with visual and audible tamper indicator, increased cube utilization in stores, increased shelf-life and lower labor costs.

Display Pack has the honor to produce tamper evident containers to fulfill Meijer’s packaging needs for a myriad of their retail ready-to-eat produce offerings.


Develop a package to replace a round, ribbed package design for retail ready-to-eat produce made from OPS, a crinkly-noisy and brittle material that shouts “low quality” to customers. The new package must be a “resistant-to-tampering” package that minimizes raw material usage, while providing structural integrity that allows for stacking containers. The package also had to meet shelf life, food quality and freshness, package rigidity during transportation, drip rate, and overall planogram cube utilization.


Our team designed a package with a patent pending new corner tear tab, resistant to tampering opening feature. While opening the package, consumers hear an audible tearing sound, indicating that the package has not been opened before. Because once the lid is opened, the tab lock piece breaks away from the lid tab, a tampered package becomes immediately and easily identifiable. In addition, our new rigid design eliminates the need for unsightly “ribbing” in the plastic, providing a crystal-clear, high-quality view of ready-to-eat produce.


Our FreshBox™ package is made from a high grade FDA approved PET. Our lid design provides our clients with a nearly air-tight resistant-to- tampering seal (some venting is necessary). While the higher stacking strength design has increased cube utilization in our customer’s stores by allowing them to be stacked up to four high, holding up to 48oz in weight. Thus, our clients are able to sell more per square foot with our design than with prior packages. Additional cost savings have been realized through the elimination of shrink banding which requires equipment and extra labor to assemble. And because a heat tunnel is no longer used to apply shrink bands, the package design has increased the shelf life of ready-to-eat vegetables, fruits and salads by a full 24 hours. Our package also offers the flexibility of automated filling at a distribution center or manual filling at individual store level. Finally, because of the use of recycled materials, the elimination of heating equipment for banding, the reduction of weight for shipping, and the increase in cube utilization in refrigeration equipment, the FreshBox is a greener package helping to reduce Meijer’s overall carbon footprint.

Display Pack is an amazing partner. We have been working with Display Pack for many years and their commitment to our success is unique in our aggressive industry. The company culture has created an environment that allows their teams to strive toward growth, development, empowerment and creativity. These core values shine through in our daily dealings with each department including account management, accounting, supply chain and engineering.


Carolyn LawFederal-Mogul Motorparts / Purchasing Manager




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