One package to accommodate different product sizes, with visibility of crossbow, accessories and technologies, plus ease of carry to check-out.


Front and back blisters, and a very large insert card with needed die-cuts, was designed to nest into the very complex, multi-cavity, two-piece blister.


A 360º crossbow, technology features and accessories view package that accommodates four crossbow models, saving tooling and production costs.

When Horton Archery wanted to create visual packaging for their crossbows and accessories, they turned to Display Pack.


Stephen Gould Corporation asked Display Pack to design and produce a new package for Horton Archery, one of the leading manufacturers of crossbows in the world. The new package, designed to replace an old cardboard case, needed to visibly display their bows as well as showcase their patented technologies. The package needed to meet five key objectives: It had to hold and protect a large crossbow and all accessories. One fit-all design was needed to accommodate different product sizes, while maximum visibility of the crossbow, accessories and patented technologies was needed to create a value-pack offer in consumers’ minds. It also had to satisfy the different planogram needs of sporting goods stores like Cabela’s and Dick’s and club stores like Sam’s and Costco. Because of the package’s size, both stack-ability and ease of carrying from shelf to check-out were a priority.


After photographing current crossbow models and accessories, Display Pack engineering, design, tooling and manufacturing teams used the photos as a guide in the development of front, back and side-angle package designs. These showed “carrying” and “stack-ability” capabilities as well as product displayed in a club store setting. The selected design was engineered by Display Pack’s CAD department as front and back blisters, were produced using two different high-tolerance thermoforming tools. The very large insert card was designed with the needed die-cuts to nest into the very complex, multi-cavity, two-piece blister. Keeping with Horton’s zeal to ensure the future of wilderness resources, the package was produced using RPET, a specialized plastic which has a higher sustainability rating than PVC.


Our designs and manufacturing have provided Horton Archery with its first visual value-pack crossbow package giving customers a 360º view of the crossbow, its technology features and all accessories. In addition, the package’s flexible design allows for either horizontal or vertical display on peg hooks and horizontal shelving in club stores, as well as stacking for in-store back-stock presentation. Easily carried by consumers from display area to check-out despite its bulk and weight, the multi-cavity package accommodates four different individual crossbow models and accessories, providing tooling, piece price, and by-product savings.

Our collaboration with Display Pack enabled us to dramatically improve product quality. They partnered with our team’s technical resources to ensure a successful launch. The value we can bring to our customer’s is multiplied through our working relationship with DPI.

Stephen KingBelmont Engineered Plastics / President




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