Develop packaging using recycled/recyclable paperboard and plastics, which can be easily separated for recycling, and also reduce energy use, greenhouse gases and labor costs.


We tested different products on paperboard and plastic packaging and developed Ecohesive® a water-based, natural latex which only seals to itself, unlike adhesives that stick to everything.


Ecohesive® is now used in a wide range of paperboard weights and types, plastic blisters, clamshells and “Club Pack” packaging, with diverse security and opening options.

Display Pack took up the challenge of environmentally responsible packaging solutions, and set out to develop a sustainable and cost-effective packaging process.


Our objective was to develop packaging that would:
• Utilize recycled/recyclable paperboard
• Utilize recycled/recyclable plastics
• Use less plastic and paper board
• Reduce energy usage and greenhouse gasses
• Lower labor costs
• Contain elements easily separated for recycling
• Great looking packages-superior product protection


Display Pack engineering and production teams researched, developed and tested different products on paperboard and plastic packaging materials until they achieved a solution which they named Ecohesive®-a water-based, natural latex material which only seals to itself-unlike adhesives, which are designed to stick to everything. The blister is sandwiched between two layers of paperboard, which have been Ecohesive coated to form a secure seal. After purchase, the package elements can be separated by the consumer for easy recycling.


Ecohesive was successfully tested in all possible applications-packages—foil stamping, coatings and spot varnishes, various paperboard weights and types, plastic blisters with different flange widths, and clamshell and “”Club Pack”” packaging, with diverse security and opening options.
• Seals securely
• Easy to assemble
• Reduces energy costs-no heat sealing required
• Reduces use of plastic*
• Eliminates greenhouse gas emissions
• Made from renewable resources
• Package elements can be separated and recycled
• FDA compliant for indirect food contact
• Increases speed to market
• Ecohesive sealed packages have won several IoPP AmeriStar awards
* Compared to Clamshell Package

The Shake N Share lid is one of the best products we have ever introduced into our theaters. Our guests love the lid for seasoning, shaking and sharing. Using the Shake N Share lid has resulted in less spilled popcorn, therefore reducing clean-up times and saving labor.

Kenyon ShaneLoeks Theatres, Inc. / Vice President/Food & Beverage

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