Our tool & die group boasts well over 50 years of combined experience that allows us to design and build superior quality tooling in-house. Our master craftsmen carefully design our tools to manufacture durable and aesthetically pleasing packaging for our customers.


Engineered Quality


Our CAD designers meticulously combine free form surface modeling with solids to create detailed 2D drawings of physical components and 3D engineering models of our client’s packages. These mock-ups are sent to the customer for further collaboration and approval before they are sent on to our tool & die craftsmen.


Our tool & die team crafts Display Pack’s tooling in-house. This results in highly specialized thermoforming and die-cutting capabilities; including match-metal tooling. Our craftsmen take great care in producing our tooling and even finish the tools by sanding them by hand to remove blemishes and imperfections and deliver a perfect package to our customers. This integration and attention to detail results in both cost-savings and high-quality products for our customers.


Our in-house design, tooling and manufacturing capabilities PLUS our agile, iterative design and launch process results in innovative product development solutions, like our rapid prototyping process, for faster development of tooling.

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