We design and produce thermoformed plastic packaging to meet your specific need from clamshells, trapped blisters, and food packaging to high tolerance trays, masks, and in-mold applications. We’re here to craft your ultimate thermoformed solution.


Whatever You Need


We produce custom packaging to stand out on the shelf and engage your customers with a positive, brand-enhancing experience.

DID YOU KNOW? According to Nielsen research, 64% of consumers are persuaded to try a new product because of the packaging and 41% of consumers said they became repeat purchasers because they liked the package. In fact, brands with a successful package redesign experienced a 5.5% increase in revenue.

Let us help you increase revenue & brand loyalty with an all-new custom package.


Our stock containers are available to you in a variety of sizes, shapes and features. They provide tamper resistance, safety, product protection, and customer convenience. Our stock containers can also be customized with logo inserts that prominently display your brand. Let us get your product, and brand, on the market FAST by removing traditional packaging start-up costs.


Whatever your need, we have the solution for you. Perhaps you need an easy, open and close solution that reduces your packaging costs like our Accessible Pack®. Maybe you’re looking for High Pressure Processing (HPP) compatible options like our round deli cups. No matter what you need, we will design and / or provide a package that works for you (and your bottom line).

Case Study


When GE's energy smart line of LED Bulbs needed a 'Different' single bulb package for their high-tech line of new household light bulbs, they turned to Display Pack. GE Consumer & Industrial,…

Case Study


When Horton Archery wanted to create visual packaging for their crossbows and accessories, they turned to Display Pack. …

Case Study


Display Pack took up the challenge of environmentally responsible packaging solutions, and set out to develop a sustainable and cost-effective packaging process. …

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