Package Design

Our expert packaging design team includes packaging engineers, graphic designers, CAD and tooling craftsmen, and manufacturing experts. They analyze who the product is for, how it is used and the competitive landscape of the market. This information is utilized to develop innovative designs focused on cost-efficiency, sustainability, operational productivity, and the ultimate end-user experience.


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Our goal is to develop a product and experience that meets and exceeds your needs. In order to perfect your product’s packaging, we collaborate with you by providing concept variations and physical prototypes. Our innovative 3D modeling software allows you to view the package from any angle, including top or bottom views, and even disassembled to inspect individual components.


We design our client’s packages to meet performance requirements AND look good while doing it. Our design team crafts precise and functional designs by understanding the product lifecycle; from the processing line at our customer’s end to the required stacking strength for the in-store display. We develop designs that meet specifications as economically and as functionally as possible for all our offerings.


Our CAD team engineers our packaging with both beauty and function in mind as exhibited by their 3D engineering models. Our process marries the strength and dynamic analysis of the manufacturing process with the conceptual design and layout. The result? Precision packaging and tooling design that brings your vision to life.

Case Study


When OxiClean® needed a package that would serve a dual function as the spherical "form" for their product, they turned to Display Pack. …

Case Study

Minn Kota®

When Johnson Outdoors needed a multi-functional package for their highly sensitive Minn Kota® AutoPilot™, they turned to Display Pack. Johnson Outdoors asked Display Pack to design a package for…

Case Study


When AT&T® needed a single, accessible and re-usable package to house dozens of different sized iPhone® accessories-they turned to Display Pack. …

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