As a packaging company, we have a tremendous responsibility to care for our environment. We strive towards a completely sustainable packaging future by continually seeking new materials and technologies. Environmental stewardship is about reducing our impact on the environment through efficient designs, material selection, recycling of manufacturing scrap and lowering energy usage which alternately lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

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Every Day

Our commitment to be more efficient in our packaging, our business practices and our resources is ongoing. Last year we: recycled 2.58 million pounds of paper, saving the harvesting of 19,904 trees; saved 8.2 million gallons of water, 3,884 cubic yards of landfill space, 70,248 pounds of air pollution effluents and 1.12 million gallons of oil while recycling 5.1 million pounds of plastics and saving 7.534Kwh of energy.

A Cleaner World

We focus on reducing our environmental impact through many avenues. Everyday decisions are weighted with sustainability in mind, which is reflected throughout our practices, processes and material selections.


We have switched to energy-efficient motion sensor lighting and installed new pressure valves to prevent air leaks, while recycling the energy produced by our machinery to help heat our facilities.


A solvent-free coating for simple press and seal assembly of packaging. This process eliminates the need for heated sealing equipment and provides easy separation of card and plastic for recycling.


We use a plastic which is composed of 30% plant-based materials sourced from renewable sugar cane. It helps replace fossil fuel-based material without sacrificing any of the high-performance qualities, including clarity-of APET.