Training Mask



This package needed to fit 3 different sized masks with literature, while providing product visibility and ample space to promote the product features.


After renderings, prototypes and customer input, we decided upon a fifth panel carton with a custom thermoformed interior to contain the multiple product sizes.


The additional graphic space allowed Training Mask to tell their story while the package securely contained the 3 different product sizes and literature, minimizing overall packaging costs across their product line.

When Elevation Training Mask needed to design and manufacture a new and radically different packaging for the new
Training Mask 2.0, they called Display Pack.


As the leading manufacturer of elevation training masks used by athletes all over the world, Elevation Training Mask asked Display Pack to design and manufacture a new and radically different packaging for the new Training Mask 2.0. The new design needed to visibly display their unique mask, highlighting its patented technologies while protecting the product and creating a look of distinction. Additionally, the package needed to meet six key criteria: The product had to be highly visible. One fit-all package design was needed to accommodate different size masks, while securely carrying the product accessories, literature and a DVD; all of which needed to be easy to package. Finally, it needed to have an upscale look and feel that highlighted the brand and the revolutionary technology of the product, while leaving as much surface area as possible for descriptive copy.


Display Pack’s design team developed a list of client needs and wants. They examined the product’s physical attributes from the perspective of the user. Based on what they found, they developed several designs which included a trapped blister in a sleeve, several cartons and trays, and finally, a carton with a fifth panel and contoured tray with side walls that wrapped securely around the product, while allowing sufficient space to accommodate the different sizes. Using the artwork from the old packaging as a guide, the design team also presented several graphic looks. Meanwhile, engineering, CAD and thermoforming teams worked to develop the most cost effective tooling and processes to manufacture the package and allow for ease of final package assembly.


Display Pack provided Elevation Training Mask with a highly visual and brand-centric package to emphasize product features and benefits. The package’s tray was produced to meet functional and precise fit challenges of the mask and its different air valves. Serving as a nest for the literature and DVD, a lip on the back of the tray secured a card to separate the mask cavity. The carton was produced with a Velcro enclosed fifth panel. Both the front of the carton and the fifth panel were die-cut to provide full product visibility. Additionally, a top and bottom tuck-flap with insert tab closure eased product, literature and DVD insertion. The package’s high-tech, sophisticated look enhances product value and the Training Mask brand, while allowing customers a 180º view of the mask and its technology features. The packaging secures the product and accessories while accommodating three different product sizes. Finally, an easy to insert solution was devised for placing the product into the tray and carton to reduce manual labor needs.

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